Frequently Asked Questions

You can consult the specifications that all members must comply with in order to sell products from our cooperative. You will find it in the last line of the "Become a member" section of our site.
The order cycle is from Friday 12:00pm to Tuesday 6:00pm, so if you try to order during times that are not in this time frame, you will not have access to it.
When you order online, there is a price indicated for the meat, but this amount is variable since the meat is sold by weight. It is therefore possible that the pre-authorized price when ordering online and the price of the invoice you will receive at home upon delivery may vary by a few dollars. Also, when you place your first order, a $6 deposit will be added to your invoice for the insulated box in which we make the delivery. This deposit is refundable if you decide not to order with us anymore and you give us back the box.