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VOL 7, JUNE 2020



The solidarity basket

Many of you made the choice to encourage local producers.  This wave of solidarity fills us with hope for the future, a future where food sovereignty will be at the heart of societal debates.  We will continue to close ranks among small producers and build bridges between us and our community.

The ranks continue to grow in the co-op, we are now at 29 members!  A nice virtual warm welcome to our new members: Les Jardins Apicoles de la Frontière, Artisan du vivant, La Fée des Pousses, La Safranière des Cantons, La Cueilleuse des Bois, Les Jardins Lemmy Lou, Fraîcheur Urbaine, Au Coeur de la Pomme, Le Gros Nez, Vignoble en Attendant l’Hiver, Ferme Commun’aut’Terre  (Pierre-Luc Lavertu) et les Jardins Douce Amer!

And we warmly thank all the customers who feed us and we feed them.  One love!

In this month's newsletter, we'll talk about the new online store, the markets this summer, a job offer from the co-op and fundraising.



New Electronic Platform

Yes, we have changed the online ordering formula again, but this time it's the right one!  The co-op's store is now on the platform À Table.

Here are the steps to proceed:

  • Create your customer account Customer account creation
  • Choose how to receive your order
    • Home delivery 
      • Brome Missisquoi every week
      • 1 week out of 2 St-Jean-sur-Richelieu and surroundings
      • 1 week out of 2 Montréal and surroundings
    • Market Drop-Off Points (Sutton and Frelighsburg)
  • Place your order within the designated days
    • Friday to Tuesday
  • Receive or pick up your order
    • Thursday for the home deliveries
    • Saturday for the Sutton and Frelighsburg markets
  • ENJOY!



This Summer's Markets Formula

This summer, given the delicate sanitary situation, we are holding a kiosk at the markets but in a different way.  In order to protect our customers and our producers, we have opted for the point of fall formula at the markets.  That is to say that you could order on our online store and pick up your order at the Sutton and Frelighsburg markets. In this way, we hope to enforce the sanitary regulations more while maintaining our offer.

On our online store, choose a Sutton or Frelighsburg drop-off point (Frelighsburg drop-off point available as of June 13th)



COOP Job Offers

Proximity marketing assistant

Release date: June 1, 2020
Duration of the position: until August 28th (may be extended after this period)
Part-time: 25 hours per week
Salary: $15/h

Job Characteristics :

Reception of members' products at the storage location (Wednesday).
Order preparation, inventory management and delivery (Thursday).
Delivery of orders to Sutton and/or Frelighsburg farmer's markets/drop-off points (Saturday).
Remote management of social networks, website and online orders.

Requirements and skills required for the position :

Competence in customer service and good communication skills.
Autonomous and resourceful while having the ability to work in a team.
Ponctualité, dynamisme and sens de l’initiative.
Experience ou formation in the agricultural or agri-food field an asset.
Competence in the digital domain for the management/coordination of social networks, websites and online orders.
Permis de conduire valide.
Voiture un atout.

Lisez l’offre d’emploi complet sur Facebook

Send a short cover letter and your resume by email to



Fundraising raffle

Aidez-nous à vous aider!

The fundraising raffle continues!  Get a chance to win a basket worth $100!!!  That's a lot of food!

To buy your tickets for the draw

You have until June 14 to purchase your tickets.

Jointly and solidarily,

The whole Terroir Solidaire team




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