Our Producers

The cooperative has 7 breeders, 13 market gardeners and 7 agri-food processors who wish to pool their strengths and values in order to facilitate tasks related to processing and distribution. All of them are passionate about authentic, real, tasty and healthy food. Like our generation, they are also committed and aware of ethical and ecological issues. Each member adheres to a charter of values attesting that they operate according to regenerative farming practices: grazing animals, GMO-free cereals, no chemicals, healthy soils, local ingredients, etc.

Cheeky Creek Farms

We are a diversified family farm that provides healthy, happy and ethical meat ... for our family and yours.

Selby Farm

Farm located in Dunham in the Eastern Townships. Breeding of hardy breeds of pigs, chickens, turkeys and guinea fowl on pasture.


Vegan kitchen / coffee / wifi / terrace / ready to eat / local ingredients / lake access / events / catering / organic

La Ferme Verte

La Ferme Verte is an eco-responsible farm located in Glen Sutton producing a wide variety of vegetables for restaurants and markets.

Le Rizen

Production and processing of organic Asian vegetables in Frelighsburg.

Les Jardins du Pied de Céleri

Diversified organic vegetable farm! Organic baskets and kiosk at the farm.

La Cueilleuse des Bois

Mother Nature offers us products that are too often forgotten and that we would like you to discover. Small fruits, wild mushrooms, chaga, herbal teas...

Artisan du Vivant

Passionate about local flavors, I make, simmer, and create condiments with local food brimming with taste and vitality.

Au Jardin d'Edem

We are an organic vegetable farm located in East Farnham. We offer diversified vegetable baskets in Granby and Cowansville, with a specialty focus on African varieties.

Stanislas Pettigrew Farm

Production of organic vegetables, maple syrup and birch syrup.

Le Gros Nez

Handmade artisanal pasta and sauces made locally in Sutton, Quebec

Au Coeur de la Pomme

Family orchard, country store, vinegar and jam factory

Miel de Sapin

Fir honey is a unique ancestral recipe that combines the exceptional properties of honey with those of balsam fir.

Ferme des Monts Verts

We are a start-up farm in Shefford, QC, in pre-certification with Eco-Cert Canada .

Raudone Farm

At Raudone Farm, in the Eastern Townships, we have been raising natural beef for almost half a century.

Les Jardins Lemmy Lou

We are a family farm specializing in the cultivation of microgreens located in Stanbridge East in the Brome-Missisquoi region.

Ferme Patch

Ecological raising of beef, pork, chicken, turkey and eggs. Using sustainable practices and ensuring a pleasant and healthy life for our animals.

Fromagerie Cornes et Sabots

We are an ecological farm and we sell artisan farmhouse cheeses made with raw goat's milk and eggs from our hens and ducks.

Jardins La Pelle et La Bêche

Small, diversified, ecological and permaculture small vegetable farm wishing to produce and distribute healthy vegetables while supporting an alternative and sustainable food system.

Safranière des Cantons

La Safranière des cantons is a market garden offering a variety of products such as vegetables, fruits and spices grown locally without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Specializes in Quebec-grown paprika and saffron.

Au petit Boisé

Micro-farm located in the gentle hills of Dunham. Our 14 acres include a mixed forest, a vegetable and herb garden, a greenhouse, a nursery forest, a swimming pond, and a trampoline.

Huilerie l'Arôme des champs

L'Huilerie is a family that has at heart to cultivate and transform a local organic product. We wish to transmit to you our passion for sustainable agriculture and our love for the taste of truth.


Ready-to-eat food, culinary workshops, delicious fresh and frozen dishes, snacks and preserves. Fraîche works with local producers to bring you seasonal, healthy and delicious meals.

Jardin Douce-Amèr

Au Coeur du Pinacle

Ecological vegetable, fruit and flower farm cultivated without pesticides, without GMOs and in living soil respecting the principles of regenerative agriculture. Our aim is nothing less than to CHANGE THE WORLD by proving a more humane agricultural model.

Jardins Apicoles des Frontières

Beekeeping company in full expansion whose main goal is to produce quality raw honey thanks to its colored hives. The company is aiming for rapid growth in the Brome Missisquoi region.

Les Jardins en Mouvement

On our farm, we grow vegetables with a great attention on our ecological impact and then ferment them according to ancestral methods in order to offer our customers 100% Quebec vitamins for our winters! All this... with exotic flavours!

Pierre-Luc Lavertu